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Creating another crop of illustrations for my friend’s zine “instigatorzine”. I’m starting to enjoy creating content to accompany poetry…its a bit of a challenge, but it allows me to incorporate symbolism into my created works, so that’s awesome. The zine is available for purchase here, please check it out and let’s continue supporting those who create Independent Creative Content!!!

You can see more of my work on my main website.

A couple of months ago I created some illustrations to accompany poetry in my friend’s zine “Instigatorzine” The issue is available for purchase here, So please check out my work and the work of many other talented writers and fellow artist. Let’s keep supporting independent content creators!!! 

You can see more of my work on my main website.

Recently had the opportunity to paint another small mural on the outside window of Hudson County Art Supply, located at the corner of First and Coles, Jersey CIty New Jersey. If you are in the area fill free to check it out. It should be up for a few weeks.

You can also see more of my work on my main website.

The final sketches from this year’s sketch-a-day in May. May 22nd through May 31st. Presented to you on June 1st cause that’s how I roll…

Today’s Sketch-a-day in May… Been marathoning Supernatural trying to catch up (currently on season 6)…decided to draw “baby” cause I heart cars.

Today’s Sketch-a-Day in May is a portrait of former Newark mayor Cory Booker. Its kinda of duel challenge since this is also my submission for #CAmayoralportrait… #art #illustration #Area221 #sketch #CoryBooker #thesketchbookproject #SketchADayinMay

Sketch-a-Day in May. May 18th & 19th. Celebrating a bit of the old block in creative inspiration and the birth of Malcolm X.

Today’s sketch-a-day in may. Another childhood toy find. I spent hours playing with this thing when I was little.

Latest Sketch-a-day in May. May 14 through today.

Today’s Sketch-a-Day in May. Another Laundry Day.