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"Is there such a thing as enough cats?" - Hoppip

I love cats and I draw a lot of them, all the time with different sizes, different shapes and different patterns" says Hoppip the artist behind the A Pocket Full Of Cats Mighty Wallet .  Also known by Kitten Rain on Society 6  their love of cats and coffee is what fuels their artistic abilities.

Hoppip’s earliest creative memory is drawing a lot with different colour markers on the back of used photocopied paper as a kid. Those were just leftover copies of documents my parents used for work, I just loved doodling pretty much everywhere.”

Well it seems to have paid off landing Hoppip the #3 spot on BUZZFEED’S 30 Artists Proving That GIFs Are The Next Great Art FormWe suggest checking out their tumblr to see why. 

"Someone once told me to just do whatever you want to and let your style develop organically! Do not try too hard to become someone you’re not."

TheA Pocket Full Of Cats Mighty Wallet  is available in the Dynomighty Shop today.


Here’s my SAI brush settings, and a speed-painting of Mercury for brush-use examples. 


Paper-Cut Light Boxes by Hari & Deepti

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